Christine Brun is a published author, syndicated columnist, blogger and article writer. While she writes about a broad spectrum of topics, interior design and lifestyle trends are her focus. For over twenty years she has filed a weekly the popular “Small Spaces” column for the Creators Syndicate. Creators features 250 artists and writers and boasts a daily readership of 44 million. “Small Spaces” focuses on living compactly, but well. For the Millennial audience this is an urgent subject. Brun is an expert concerning design and architecture who covers micro-units, small houses and small apartments as well as all things interior design related.

Christine spent years as an interior designer and still holds Professional Membership in the American Society of Interior Designers. That unique background gives her a solid platform from which to write authoritatively and with depth about topics that relate to the built environment, furnishings, art, lifestyle trends, the impact of design on human beings, and many other subjects concerned with the quality of life.

She is the author of Big Ideas for Small Space (Published by Rockport Press, 2000) and Small Space Living (Schaffer Books 2009) and currently writes for Prymemag.com about the world from a woman's perspective. Brun is currently working on a book about infertility for women and how they resolved their loss over time. A native California, Christine Brun lives with her husband and two American field trained Labradors in Southern California where she enjoys kayaking, gardening, cooking and life.